Applications are delivered daily, except for Fridays and public holidays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Requests that are made outside the official working hours of the company or after 3 pm are executed on the following business day. Applications that are executed during the official holidays are processed during the first two working days after the official holidays. All required data must be filled in correctly to avoid delay in receiving your order. We will send a message with a tracking number as soon as your order is confirmed, where you can then use the tracking number to track the order on the carrier's website through the carrier's website and it may require 24 hours to activate the tracking number and for other inquiries please send us an email

Our customer service team is pleased to assist you in changing the date and address of receipt based on your request, but in the event that you receive an email stating that the order has been sent, then we cannot change the address. Please note that the receiving address cannot be changed outside the original receiving country