EMPLOYEES – 135.

      BRANCHES in KSA, UAE & Egypt.

      Outlets - over 50 outlets within major governmental & private universities with exclusive dealing in Foundation Programs at   (Customizations + online services.

      Our account is substantial in KSA through cooperation with major worldwide publishers.

       Our Textbook business is the hugest market share in Gulf region.

       Our publications: exceeded 1000 titles & over 300 translated books from enormous worldwide publishers.

       Our publishing areas cover academic field, Law Books, Pure science books, Self Improvement, Marketing, Business & Education.

       Digital Content Supplies: Providing E-Books+ Online services to our customers along with training facilities and consultancy + e-coomerce.                              


Our Vision:

Ø Our Vision is to find distinguished investment partners for achieving the aspirations of clients nowadays and in the future ….

Ø So as attaining the qualities of : Distinction,Quality&Value

Ø Contributing effectively to the development in the Kingdom and Arab world, While focusing on the academic and scientific sector thus creating an environment and facilities for academics and students of both sexes, Channels of knowledge with all its modern and sophisticated means .

Ø We are also interested in contributing to the development of the publishing industry in the kingdom and the Arab world.


The Aim:

Ø Leadership & excellence in academic and university services with a strategic partnership with universities and scientific communities/International Schools in the kingdom and Gulf States.

Ø The spread of our services and dealing to cover all public and private universities and all scientific and academic communities in KSA & Gulf states.


The Goals:

Ø Deepening and establishing the name of Al Shegrey for Publishing & Information Technology as the most important hand operation in the field of scientific and academic authorship.

Ø Providing academic reference and all recommended courses for students of public and private universities and all academic fields.

Ø Building strategic partnership with international publishers.

Ø The interest in e-learning and distance learning in KSA & Gulf states through the strong and excellent presence in providing unique services in that area.

Ø  The deepening and development of electronic publishing in the coming years with the development and modernization of traditional publishing methods.