Al-Shaqri bookstore participates in the Jeddah International Book Fair

Al-Sheqery bookstore participates in the  Jeddah International Book Fair , which kicks off  12-22  December 2015, with the participation of 440 exhibitors from 25 countries from around the world .

Which poses many new versions of low books , the most important book of proof in the Saudi regime to Dr. Faisal Al-Assaf and book assets of scientific crime and punishment for Dr. Mustafa Bitar and other important literature, also come up for the first time a book " physicist law attributes" to the author Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize in Arabic interpreter Physics, as well as of the most important will be presented in  Al-Sheqery hall  most useful book to understand the physical facts in the form of questions and answers, which gave the book Egyptian scientist Essam Haji, who works at NASA book "Physics of science and life applications" and other other great literature distinct and Publications which you will be hearing guardian certainly in Al-Sheqery Library Suite 456 -  Jeddah International Book Fair.